Rotary - the Fun Day

Posted on Wed 20 August 2008 in Rotary


Less than 2 weeks later, the day of the fun day had arrived.

The fun day was a large event organised by District. We got (if we wanted it, and we did) a free pitch to have whatever type of stand we wanted to. The event was open to the public and had a few large attractions, including a parachute display, a Spitfire flypast and a fun fair.


Our stand had 2 Nintendo Wii machines with WiiFit Boards. Steve Charman works for KCC in Education and was able to borrow them from a youth club for the day. We charged a pound a go with two iPod prizes donated by Apple specialist ServiceWeb for the highest score in two different games (hula hoops and a ski slalom).

I wrote that Lucy and I set two aims for the event. Firstly that we should involve as many of our club members on the day as possible. Over half the members took part which I consider a fantastic response. Many changed their plans to turn up at some point through the day. Our second goal was to raise money for our chosen charity, we raised 163.30 for Odyssey. All in all a good day.

One other surprise was when my family arrived in the afternoon. My daughter ran across to Steve Charman's wife, shouted her name and gave her a hug! Why? Steve's wife Rosie is a guide leader at my daughters guide pack in Faversham. None of us knew of the connection until then.

The fun day was a great success, but looking forward, it was now just a few days until "Club Assembly", whatever that was. Read on, if you're still with me!