Rotary - Planning for Club Assembly

Posted on Wed 20 August 2008 in Rotary


Club Assembly is when the club presents to itself it's goals and ambitions for the forthcoming year.

Sounds easy. Probably is if you've done it before - I on the other hand had only recently joined Rotary and still hadn't quite organised to my satisfaction the plans for the next month let alone the next year!

Initially, I said to Jarle that I'd need at least 15 minutes to present the parts from Service Projects. That was a gross underestimate on my part - in the end it needed 27 minutes. So what did we do and why?

I'm an objective driven person. I really need to know what the aims are in order to work towards them. Rotary has aims, I copied them on this blog earlier, but they are not exactly easy to digest or summarise. When you read them closely, you realise that every word has it's reason for being there. Still, I've found them awful tough to learn and integrate in my mind. I decided that before I could present my committee's objectives, I needed to present the object of rotary in a way that everyone would instantly know and understand. Only then could I go onto to how in the first year we can achieve that. I worked out that I could put across the Object of Rotary in just 3 words. Sure, they wouldn't carry the minute detail of how Rotary can achieve things, but it would be enough that every new Rotarian around the table could use, remember, and apply. Here it is, my Object of Rotary in 3 words:

Do Good Things

Having an aim is one thing, but we need to follow it up with actions. There were already two causes others in the club had begun work on. I needed to find out very quickly what those causes were beyond just their name so that I could stand and present them as a worthy "Good Thing". The first was Pilgrims Hospice, the second was Playing for Success. I went to visit them both, and if you want to find out what I found then you can read on once more.