Rotary - 1120 District Conference

Posted on Fri 07 November 2008 in Rotary


Two weekends ago I joined rotarians from all over district 1120 for the anual conference, this year in Eastbourne.

What is it, what happened and will i go again?

District Conference is a chance for everyone to get together, meet with other clubs and have a good time. Its based around a variety of presentations held in a theater. With over 1100 people it's a sizeable operation.

I volunteered to steward and was allocated the first sessions of friday afternoon. Stewards do the job of making sure the exits are clear and making sure people go the right way in a fire. Having volunteers saves the cost of the venue providing them.

The first session was the official opening complete with bell to ring. I don't think i've got any photos but I found the bell a quaint tradition.

Then the talks, i'll write a post for each to do them justice.

The only catch now is that so much was going on and I was enjoying every second of it to the point I didn't make very comprehensive notes. My memory of the detail is already failing so I won't report on every speaker now, just those that are still firmly wedged in my mind after two weeks.

This entry is the first part of a series about my visit to the Rotary District Conference.
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