Rotary - 1120 District Conference - Rotarian Dr Geoff McKay presentation

Posted on Fri 07 November 2008 in Rotary


This is one of the best presentations I've seen for a long time, so that's two phenomenal presenations over the course of one weekend! I was worried at first, there was no title in my original programe and I really had no idea on what the topic would be. Some tired, aged Rotarian on an obscure detail of Rotary perhaps?

Geoff began by standing behind the lecturn, a slow introduction, tediously slow first presentation slide of his name coming up, the longest possible introduction 'President of this, presedent of that.....' and eventually ' and my fellow Rotarians'. Then the pace changed, he said ' photo! ' and dashed to the side as a photographer was taking a picture. Returning he said 'Sorry, I didn't want the microphone to be in the way of the shot', which had most of us in laughter the joke being he was clearly larger than the microphone stand.

It got better from there on, video clips of silly things being used to highlight different points of his presentation. Covering all the good things of Rotary in his, if I rememember, 20 years of service. Dressing up as Father Christmas, helping build things in third world countries, meeting a myriad of different people united by the objects of rotary.


The presentation was both motivating and entertaining. He said that Rotary needs to change today as it has always changed with time in the past. We, as Rotarians, need to tell people what we are doing and invite them to our clubs not for the boring bits of 'business meetings' but to the events and activities we organise. The long term future of Rotary as an organisation is up to us as members today. He did the best presentation gesture I've seen for many years. At the back of the stage, hanging from wires was a large Rotary emblem. During the part he was telling us that we could make a difference he took some paces back, pushed the emblem so it started swining and said Look even I can move Rotary, to great appluase from the audience.

I read later the topic he was speaking on was Laughter to the end! , pretty accurate then.

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