Rotary - 1120 District Conference - Leonard Cheshire School 4 All presentation

Posted on Fri 07 November 2008 in Rotary


Leonard Cheshire School 4 All.
This charity impoves the lot of the disabled children in the third world. If you think how important disability access to public buildings has become in the last few years in the UK, you might imagine the problems disabled children will have in getting to school in the third world. Couple this with generations of discrimination against those who have a disability and the result is very few will get an education. Leonard Cheshire has been working to change this.

They help fund and organise the renovation to school buildings to make access by disabled children possible. Equally important to the buildings, they work with the disabled children, the families and the wider community to enable the disabled children to be accepted into school.

This is another worthy charity but I couldn't help feel sorry for the presenter, having to follow Help for Heroes.

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