Rotary - 1120 District Conference - Help for Heroes presentation

Posted on Fri 07 November 2008 in Rotary


Help for heroes has been raising funds since last year to provide rehabilitation for soliders who are injured whilst on duty. While you might expect the MOD already provide this, they do but many people feel the MOD does not do enough. It appears the MOD agree, along with the government and royal family (link). They have raised 12 million pound in less than a year and already servicemen (and I guess servicewomen) are benefitting from better rehabilitation facitilities while recovering from injuries sustained while working on behalf of our country.

The presentation was exceptional and one of the best I have ever seen. They charity puts forward a strong brand, an easy to understand cause, emotional video's of the people they are actively helping. Bryn Parry spoke clearly and concisely throughout and no opportunity was left for anyone in the audience to be without feeling for the cause. I personally felt I wanted to get working on a project in their name as soon as I left the hall. The charity is well organised too, with a commercial side selling merchandise that allows, if I remember correctly, 97% of the money donated to go to the cause. The commercial side now pays almost entirely for the overheads of staff and premises.

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