Robert Robertson, talented young singer

Posted on Sat 06 September 2008 in Family

Continuing from previous writings, I went to the Alexandra Hotel bar in the evening to use their free wi-fi to catch up on things using my laptop. The only downside of the arrangement was having to drive there from the camp site - diet coke only for me!

When I got there I noticed the microphone and speaker setup in the corner and found out there was live music on that night. Decisions decisions.... should I stay or should I go? If the music was really loud or the bar became packed I wouldn't be able to work. I stayed, very glad I did.

I really like live music. I've a musical taste that covers something from everything, I know what I like, I know what I don't, and I rarely ever manage to remember the name of the songs being played, or the person performing them. I was a little nervous at first when the singer arrived. Clearly young, he turned out to be just 14, I had a feeling this was going to be a very amateur performance with a limited range of songs. It brought back memories of me as a young teenager going to events in a white school shirt and black school trousers. How wrong first impressions can be, this lad was superb!

I should expand on superb. To begin with he was playing an instrument I'm not a huge fan of, the accordion. Playing like a professional, singing well along side it. I could appreciate the talent of this young man by the end of the first song, just not my thing. Still, I could carry on typing on my laptop as it certainly wasn't bad background music. Then the switch to guitar. I hadn't even seen the guitar hidden in the corner. I much prefer a guitar with some good vocals and as soon as he started playing the work rate on my laptop slowed to a near halt. This was great music. He kept switching from according to guitar, then back again. Playing a range of songs and styles, with a strong flavour of Scottish songs. As the evening progresses he picked up a feel for the audience and managed to get people singing along. Fortunately you'll be pleased to know I didn't join in. Aside from the English accent I would introduce thus spoiling the atmosphere, I didn't know the words.

I recorded one song on my camera phone. The phone doesn't do any justice to the singer or the song, but if you recognise it maybe you can tell me the songs name. Yes, I recognise it, but as I said earlier I'm very bad at remembering the names of songs