Piranha (Dale Brown)

Posted on Sun 30 July 2006 in Rooties Recent Reading

I've got four books to write about today. I finished the first and went straight into the next two. Then a friend lent me another book that I just couldn't put down.

The first book was another of Dale Brown's Dreamland series. It's a typical military action thriller based around a research and covert operations group. Once again, trouble in some part of the world requires them to work with new and not properly tested technology to ensure everything turns out well in the end. "Turns out well" applies only to the key characters and the 'good guys' side of course. In fact several of the Dreamland team get killed but hey, it's war! The key characters all survive to have another adventure of course.

While I generally enjoy this type of book I found this one a little tedious, perhaps almost predictable. Some of the technology ideas were interesting concepts and it certainly was good enough to read to the end.