Phases of Life

Posted on Wed 18 January 2006 in Root Observations

I half mentioned before (my post about secret lives) how I'm finding that life goes in phases. For example, at the moment I am (once again) in my book reading phase. I've been devouring hundreds of pages a night in an effort to sleep (I'm also in my not sleeping phase, which, I remember having both phases in my teens).

Last summer I had a running phase which stopped almost completely over Christmas but for which I felt the urge to start again last week (a 20 minute run was a killer!). I'm also back in an ATC Phase (I was an Air Cadet, now I'm at the local Air Cadet squadron as an instructor), I'm missing my Cycling phase (in my late teens I used to cycle miles, especially at weekends). My guitar phase is ongoing though without lessons and without having written any new songs.

There's another phase which I've been in for many years which I feel is about to end, at the same time I'm finding others are trying to start (hey, one day I will learn how to program in Java and write that game I've always wanted too).

I've only noticed these phases as I've got older. When younger I guess I didn't know any different. "Plus a Change, Plus C'est La Mme Chose" - remembering my French phase.

Note to self: I'm sure this post isn't very good English - even though the google spell check was happy. Perhaps I'm finally getting sleepy.