My SSL certificate was not working in Safari, but it did in Chrome and Firefox

Posted on Wed 20 June 2012 in WebDev & Code

or at least, I *thought* my SSL certificate wasn't working in Safari.

When I launched our new company web site last month I thought I'd checked the SSL certificate was working in all browsers. It wasn't, a customer quickly pointed out it didn't work in for him and I tracked down a particular issue to do with chains. It seemed fine for google Chrome but Firefox couldn't work it out. Anyway, fixed in half an hour, or so I thought.

Being extra vigilant, I fired up safari on my mac and cringed when I saw that although the url said https:// , safari wasn't giving me a secure connection and I couldn't view the certificate. Look, here's a screen shot:


So, I spent an hour googling for people with similar problems, reading up on SSL certificates, studying the nginx config file thinking I probably had a typo (after all, it was working in both Chrome and Firefox) and then I stumbled upon a post (I can't remember where, sorry, otherwise I'd link to it) that said safari looks just the same when on a secure connection as an insecure connection. I checked apple web site using and sure enough, no sign of things being secure. Except, there is.... look very closely in the top right corner of safari. If you click on the padlock you can view the certificate.


See, it was there all along, working fine. Ho hum, another hour lost to computing glitches.