Mum and Dad fly to Oz

Posted on Sun 09 October 2005 in Family

Mum and Dad left for Australia this morning. That's partly why I'm in so early on a Sunday. The other part is that Dave is driving them to the airport and he had some tilers starting in the shop early. All part of Dave's big re-organisation of the upstairs showroom.

Anyway, in typical Root fashion they left at about 8.15am. They were meant to leave around 7am (at least, that's the time Mum said they were leaving last night). Almost everything was done before they left, though I've picked up a few jobs to do for mum that she didn't get time to do.

It doesn't seem that long ago Mum was last back from Australia. This time they're off to see our friend Karen get married. Karen is just a few months older than me and is the daughter of Mum and Dad's friends Dave and Lydia. The met Dave and Lydia in Australia when they lived out there (around 1975). They've all managed to keep in touch despite the passing of time and the way life changes (Dave's work takes him all over the world. He takes really good photos of the places he goes to. Many get uploaded to his own website, and I've seen them featured on other sites like this one.

Hopefully, it won't be too long before I get to go to Australia and see Sharon, Todd and Lily.