Life and times of a Keyboard

Posted on Thu 02 October 2008 in Root Observations

I have a well needed day off work (its' been busy since returning from holiday so I've been in the office every day) and I've set myself two goals for the day. First is to catchup on my book reports and other blogging. Second is to go for a long walk.


I've noticed for a while that the keys on the home computer keyboard are getting a bit stiff to touch type on, today, just as I'm motivated to type lots, they're really sticking. Especially the space bar, pushing down requires just the right amount of pressure and direction. Push a little sideways and it sticks until it's forced. Keyboards eh, just how long has this keyboard lasted?

Well, the logo on the top says "Gateway". It came with our 2nd office computer in 1998 when we started the business. How do I know? It has the manufacturing date stamped on the back - 24th November 1998

Yes, this keyboard has lasted a measly 10 years (almost), or put another way;

It's lasted longer than 15" monitor, a 17" monitor and a 17" TFT screen (actually, the 17" TFT didn't really die, it replaced a dead monitor in the office and I had the new one at home)
It's survived use on 4 computers (I think, certainly that's how many computers we've had at home)
It's outlived every joystick I've ever had, and come to think of it every mouse, although when this keyboard was made we were still using mice with wheels inside them.
It's seen every password I've ever created, and failed to remind me what the password was when I've forgotten.
It's left me with unanswered questions, like which key has been pressed more than any other? (the half shiny surface on the space bar might be the clue, that and that the space bar is the key suffering most and making this typing hard work).

The label on the back also tells us that even 10 years ago "Improper or prolonged keyboard use may cause injury". I wonder if 10 years is prolonged?

So if you're question is "how long does a keyboard last?" This one is about to go to keyboard heaven after 10 years.