Last posting date was today?

Posted on Mon 20 December 2004 in Internet

So the last posting date for Christmas was today. Once again, I've missed it. Merry Christmas to all my friends and relatives reading this and wondering where your card is.

Of course, normally I don't write any cards (and this year has been no exception) because Rhonda sorts that out every year. This year she's been delayed by me not sorting out the list. Normally that involves me copying Mums address list, then adding our friends but this year Mums list on the computer appears to be missing almost everyone.

I really would like to be more organised when it comes to friends addresses and contact details. Written on bits of paper here and there, never to hand when I need it (or Rhonda needs it). The solution? I think I'm going to find an online address book. If any of you know of any please let me know.

I had a look at a couple of the ones I've known of. Most seem to suffer with not holding the data the way I want. For example, our friends Darren and Rebecca live at the same address but each have their own mobile number (not uncommon that), but I don't really want to enter their address twice because that will make next years Christmas card list complicated. I think the best solution is for me to write a system myself.

  • It will take me some time
  • I'm probably doing what another website is already doing for free
  • The practice will be good
  • can use it from anywhere, got full control of the layout
  • already have a login system that I wrote for another site that I can re-use


The Pros seem to be winning. I guess it will all depend on how boring the TV is over Christmas, and how complicated I make the database scheema (scheema = plan of how the database works).

Of course, I'm also back to thinking of whether we should really be sending cards at all. I'm not bothered whether I recieve a card, I'm happy to get nothing or may be even a hello by email for the people I haven't seen for most of the year. Maybe I should go and send some "Merry Christmas" emails instead, now, where did I put that list of email addresses....