La classe de franais

Posted on Wed 04 April 2007 in zzz - None of the Above

Back row left to right: Irene, Lynda, Michle, Brigitte, Steve
Front row left to right: Rita, Mark, Jorge

Michle:bonjour tout le monde!
C'est un moment historique!
C'est la premire fois que Michle utilise un blogue!

Jorge:Se sour je pri une fote de la classe

Mark:J'aime boucoup votre site

Brigitte; je trouve cette classe trs sympa.

Rita.Je ne comprends rien encore.

Lyn: C'est la dernire classe et nous allons au pub

Irene bon voyage, a bien tot.....!

Welcome my first guest article writers for my blog.
My French teacher discovered my blog and made me talk about it in our French lesson - in French of course. OK, I didn't need much persuading to talk about myself! The university rooms all have computers with internet connections and projectors. I decided to get them all to write something here themselves - easy when you know how.