Installing a new hard disk in a Mac = not fun

Posted on Mon 03 December 2012 in Uncategorized

So I had to upgrade my mac hard disk. 12 months and I filled the 320Gb disk so I treated myself to a Seagate Momentus XT 750Gb disk.

It has NOT been fun. Problems so far include:

Initialise disk over the internet and restore from TimeMachine - fails to restore the recovery partition so cannot use FileVault2. Correct way: initalise disk over the internet and reinstall OS X Lion with a new temporary user that has a different user name (not one that's within your TimeMachine backup). Then restore Mac from TimeMachine, then delete temporary user to keep things tidy.

BootCamp has been a nightmare. I eventually bought WinClone which has made things slightly easier. I got dual boot working, then setup FileVault2 which managed to prevent me logging in to the windows partition. I'm sure I had FileVault2 running before on the old disk with bootcamp and without any problems. Trouble is it takes hours for the encryption process, hours to clone the windows partition, hours to restore the windows partition. I have yet to get that working.

Now, I want to do some ruby coding and discover TimeMachine doesn't save my 'path' information so Git didn't work (it was backup up). TimeMachine also didn't backup my /etc/hosts file (I had entries that weren't important but finding them gone is a little disconcerting) and at the moment I can't compile some software for a variety of errors.