Why it's time to move our business away from 2020 Fusion design software

Posted on Tue 22 March 2016 in Business

My small business specialises in the design, supply and installation of kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. With my penchant for computing it's no surprise we rely heavily on information technology. However, I don't write and build all the software we use and that's especially true when it comes to CAD [Computer …

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Solicitors who spam? That would be Edwards Duthie Solicitors

Posted on Mon 22 February 2016 in Spam wars

Ah, the spam wars. I haven't posted to this topic for a long time. Not because the spam has stopped but because I've had other things to occupy me.

I thought I'd blog this bit of spam though, solicitors firm Edwards Duthie who decided to spam my email with the …

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Royalty free music and a time lapse video for work

Posted on Tue 05 January 2016 in Business, WebDev & Code

Here's a great way to start 2016, Win an award for "Best Domestic Bathroom Installer 2015".
My brother David entered the Geberit Awards, Geberit being a large multinational manufacturer of bathroom products and out of all the entries from all of the UK, he won. We're very proud :-)

That prompted …

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Migrating from phpBB to Google Groups

Posted on Tue 03 November 2015 in WebDev & Code

For many years I've run a tiny web site for the village we live and work in. 8 years ago (or maybe more) I added a forum to the site using phpBB, as they say about themselves 'THE #1 FREE, OPEN SOURCE BULLETIN BOARD SOFTWARE'.

It's been very good software …

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Birthday Calculator - in case you don't want to wait a whole year to celebrate being alive

Posted on Thu 08 January 2015 in WebDev & Code

We have a tradition where I live. We celebrate being alive with a party and that party generally coincides with being alive for another 31,557,600 seconds.  31,557,600 seconds happens to be just about equal to a solar year, which is a happy co-incidence as it's not …

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