Margins and Markups: how to handle multiple discounts/rebates

Posted on Fri 02 December 2016 in Business

Following on from an old blog post about Margins and markups What everyone in business needs to know a reader posted this question in the comments

If you're not sure how to calculate margins, read that first.

Hi, how do you do multiple rebates % to give a true value of …

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Blog traffic

Posted on Fri 30 September 2016 in WebDev & Code

sep2016_cloudflare_traffic According to cloudflare, my blog traffic this month.

sep2016_analytics_trafficAccording to google analytics, my blog traffic this month.

The difference?
a) Cloudflare is counting requests to my server (each image, each file, each style sheet) whereas Google Analytics is joining requests from the same visitor into a session.
b) Hackers don't …

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Upgrading my server to PHP7 broke wordpress admin interface (cloudflare)

Posted on Fri 30 September 2016 in WebDev & Code

wp-cli, a command line interface for WordPress, just saved me a big headache.

It all began when I updated my server to the latest ubuntu LTS. That removed PHP5 support and replaced it with PHP7. That meant several of my sites stopped working as the nginx configuration had to change …

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Spam from Scottish Power, their response: we'll carry on spamming (just not to you).

Posted on Mon 27 June 2016 in Business, Spam wars

Spam annoys me.
More specifically, the effect of spam annoys me. It annoys me that from time to time I find emails I really need have been filtered to a spam folder. It annoys me that from time to time customers don't receive emails from us because our email is …

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Hot topic - our backup server (overheating!)

Posted on Fri 24 June 2016 in Business, WebDev & Code

Ahh, computer backups. I've said before and learn't first hand how important they are over the years.

My business backup routine is to copy the files from the server in another building. I used to have a ReadyNAS NV+ (image on wikipedia) and for many years it served us well …

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