How to resize a photo (jpg) to send in an email - (the quick way for Win XP)

Posted on Mon 11 July 2005 in Internet

I've written this for my sister Sharon, who's trying to send photos of Lily to everyone she knows but isn't quite sure how to resize a photo/image to send in an email. At the moment, she does it using Windows built in image program "Paint". But there's a much much quicker way.

1) Find the photos on your computer, the image below has them on my desktop.


2) Right Click the image (or images - you can do them all in one go if you are emailing several), on the context menu go to "send to" and then "mail recipient"


3) A dialog box pops up asking you to choose whether or not to modify the images. The basic options are keep them the same or make them smaller. You can view the extended options and choose just how small you'd like to make the pictures too. Click OK when you're happy.


4) Voila! Job done. Windows automatically resizes the images and attaches them to a new email for you.