Ha! - there must be a third....

Posted on Mon 10 October 2005 in Internet

I remember being told things always come in three's, and here's the second - another website with music found by following a link in a Faversham Chamber email:
A new restaurant (guess it's new, though I don't pay much attention to restaurants as I rarely get out much) in Faversham. The music here is a little more subtle and I guess adds to the 'ambience'. I wonder if they play that repetitively in the restaurant? At least the trend is for improving music. Personally, I wish there was an 'sound off' button. Guess I'll just have to start surfing with my sound off. Or maybe someones created a Firefox Plugin that automatically turns of sound tracks that repeat or play for more than 2 seconds (so you don't lose the useful audio cues like clicking a button).