GPS Logging from my PDA...needs a little work I think

Posted on Thu 02 October 2008 in Internet


I spent the afternoon of my day off going for a walk. From my house in Faversham I walked to canterbury via some woodland, old villages and the North Downs way. As my PDA has a GPS receiver built in I thought I'd try logging it's output to see exactly how fast I'm walking nowdays. Last time I checked, walking without a rucksack on clear footpaths and not too hilly, I walked an average speed of 6km per hour.

Well, my first fast analysis of the log file shows I'm going a little faster. It also shows I need to improve my map reading, I certainly don't remember passing through customs on my way to Canterbury via South Africa and Germany.... hmmm, perhaps there's something wrong with those logs.

For completeness, I'll add my PDA is a Windows Mobile 6 HTC Touch Cruise. The GPS logging software is called Sunset from The GPX log file sunset created was uploaded first to and the analysed view came via

I'll try and spend a little time finding the flawed data from the log then finding a better way of creating route paths and analysis. Everytrail does look reasonably complete from a fleeting first impression and has the facility of hosting the maps so you can zoom in and out. Now, how to find the error lines in that GPS Log and remove them.

To finish on a high, my average walking speed according to my GPS is 3,758 miles per hour. Must dash, I fancy visiting nipping down to the south of France before tea time, should only take me 20 minutes from here :-)