Glasshouse (Charles Stross)

Posted on Tue 10 April 2007 in Rooties Recent Reading

Sometimes I feel I'm paying too much for a book. This was my thought as I handed over the 5 to the cashier in the high street bookstore (I know 5 isn't a lot, but I usually get my books from a second hand bookshop where 2 is about the highest ticket price). One hour later, as I sat enjoying coffee in a comfy chair near Canterbury Cathedral (Rhonda went shopping, my broken foot gave me the ideal excuse to sit and wait), I knew this book was worth every penny of the 5. So much so, I'm adding Charles Stross to my mental list of authors who's books are worth buying.

It's a science fiction book based upon... well, it's quite hard to explain without giving away some of the story. There is a political factor, an all action hero in a kind of not so all action way, some exceptionally clever twists made feasible by the future setting, a love story, oodles of death and just as much re-incarnation (which is an everyday occurrence in the future apparently). I enjoyed this just as much as I enjoyed Asimov's Foundation Series.

Now I'm left with just one problem, then next book I spend 5+ on has an even higher standard to live up to.