First Lessons

Posted on Wed 05 July 2006 in WebDev & Code

i-169b0a422e9f46fb60b306cafe8d75ee-zend_logo.gifFirst lesson over! That was fun. Just like starting sixth form in so many ways. Meeting all the new people but with easier opening lines like "so, where are you from?". Thinking of which, I should put this in the Root Memory category as I remember starting my Business Studies A levels and meeting my friend Wendy...

Nice group, good sense of humour. There were 8 of us tonight, should be 10 next week. This was just a familiarisation night to check the software worked for all of us. We came from all over the world, or to be precise USA, Canada, Holland, Romania and me from the UK. The instructor is a chap called Ben Ramsey. We can hear him but we can only speak when he 'passes the mic' - students that can't answer back? It must be teacher heaven! He speaks clearly and I'm sure he knows his stuff.

I'm guessing, but I think he's the Ben Ramsey at, in which case, he really does know his stuff!

I think I'm going to enjoy this course.