Ever wonderered what the web server looks like?

Posted on Sat 17 March 2007 in Internet

i-e5c74b332d0f858ecd57ef9e60db462a-ourwebserver.jpgHave you ever wondered what our web server looks like? No? Just me then. Well, if ever you do wonder, it looks like this. Working 24 hours a day every day of the year alongside lots of similar friends doing the same job. Not visible in the picture is the Cisco firewall which stops nasty people trying to break into it.

This is "server2" which was in a datacentre near Heathrow. Since this picture was taken it has retired and we are now using "server3" which has the cute nickname of "chestnuts". It was 'born' over Christmas this year when we moved to a new datacentre. Building a new server in the new datacentre meant the transfer was invisible to web visitors with no downtime. It also let us upgrade a some of the software.