Eurocon - great times with more to come

Posted on Fri 16 May 2008 in Warbirds

The end of my first 24 hours here approaches. It's been great (even the FPO was nice, more on that later) and I just checked tomorrows programme:

Saturday 17 May
08:15 - till 09:30: Breakfast. (If there are any survivors left from Friday) Tongue
09.30 - Depart to the "Wings of Liberation" museum
10.15 - Arrival at the museum.
10.30 - We have a full guided tour (approx 2 hours) including 4 guides, so we go in 4 groups.
12.30 - Lunch at the museum.
13:00 - Depart with the bus to Moergestel for the Euro-Laser Zap'athon 2008, laser gaming event (All versus NINJA) Grin
13.45 - Arrival and play the laser game event. 2x 1 hour (max. 24 lasers)
16:00 - Depart back to the hotel
18:00 - Dinner in the hotel is served
19:00 - 2 vs 2 write up.
20:00 - WarBirds 2 vs 2 duel / This classic is still here and can't be missed on this special edition of the Eurocon. The pilots battle for the trophy, the honour and a very nice price! iEN sponsors free accounts again for everyone. Your CM for tonight will be the honorable Unguis, \<S> Cool
After the winners ceremony we will also announce the pilot who can carry the famous title of "the EuroPilot Of The Year" for 2008.

Museum, Laser game, then the 2 vs 2 duels. It's going to be a GREAT day!
\<All>, and goodnight

(\<S> = salute)