Eurocon - The arrival

Posted on Fri 16 May 2008 in Warbirds


I made it safely! The drive from Calais to... erm, wherever we are (TomTom did it's job) took 3 hours so I pulled into the car park at 02:15 local time. Surprisingly there were still a few people up (perhaps just as well or I would never have found my room and had to sleep in the car). Those that hadn't succumbed to tiredness or Alcohol are (from left to right):

  1. Orelle (>>>PARROTS\<\<\<) - From Spain
  2. Lbollin (>>>PARROTS\<\<\<( - From Spain
  3. Ragge ( 1st ROF ) - From (Sweden)
  4. Unguis (Greenwings) - From Germany
  5. Zonix (>>>PARROTS\<\<\<) - From Germany

On to the "Con Room" itself, and this photo may be a little scary on the "number of trailing cables" scale, and very scary on the carbon footprint scale. If I remain sober enough, I promise to have a stab at working out just how much power is consumed when everyone is playing.

OK, time to fire up a flight sim and see how stable the internet connection here is....