Enter Now to win!

Posted on Tue 28 November 2006 in zzz - None of the Above

...the lovely 3M Snap Band I spoke about here.
i-631a3366e30e9d0ea368cdbb564e006e-snapbox.jpgEntry is easy, first to comment gets the prize, just like I said:

Remember that comments don't appear immediately, I have to moderate them all to stop all the spam from appearing. If you are having trouble posting a comment, send me an email instead. I'll use the timestamp on the email to log your time of entry (that is, my server timestamp, so don't try changing your computer clock!).
A couple of simple rules. 1) I decide who wins, my decision is final. 2) I get to change the rules whenever I feel like it. 3) I'll be posting the band to you if you live in the UK. If you don't live in the UK then there's no need to enter. 4) You can enter on behalf of someone else if you like (eg If you are in Australia but you want your prize posted to someone in the UK, that's fine).