Earth is Room Enough (Issac Asimov)

Posted on Thu 02 October 2008 in Rooties Recent Reading

Issac Asimov is an author who's work I've loved, even if on this book his first name is entirely missing. Who knows, maybe the next book of his I'll find will just call him 'A', or 'Mov'. I guess when you're that great and well known as an Author, who needs first names.

This book is a collection of short stories, some of which I've read before, some being completely new to me. My favourite new story found in this collection is "The Last Trump", where the Angel Gabriel arrives to call an end to Earth based on a decree by God. It presents an impression of hell that is created by the common desire to survive without pain or suffering. In a clever twist of office politics at the Deity level (God, Gabriel and our unknown to us guardian angle Etherial) our life with it's highs and lows, births and deaths is returned, for the time being.

Compared to the other series of short stories I've read recently, this one has to get a Rootie Rating of 4 out of 5, enjoyable and memorable make the difference.