Dear, please stop spamming me

Posted on Thu 31 May 2012 in Spam wars

Dear (22nd February 2012)
"Bolton, Jamie" \<Jamie.Bolton\> (11th March 2012)
"Blick, Sharon" \<> (8th May 2012)
and again "Blick, Sharon" \<> with "Harwood, Jason" \<Jason.Harwood\> (30th May 2012)

I know your company. We have advertised in your publications in the past.

However, when you scrape web sites for contact information to send spam [1] (which also breaks the PECR regulations, but nobody cares, right?) you could at least stop sending the spam when asked. I've asked three times now.

[1] the email address of ''seewebsiteforcontactdetails\@rkbb... is not obvious enough?