Coining phrases: "Messenger Lag"

Posted on Wed 05 March 2008 in Root Observations

I wonder if there is a term in use called "Messenger Lag" or similar, meaning; the effect of having two or more differing conversations with the same person when typing over instant messaging services.

I've just been talking to my Mum on Messenger, she's staying with my sister in Australia at the moment. Whenever we talk on messenger we have at least two simultaneous conversations. While I type the reply to one question she'll start asking the next, or reply to a question from a couple of lines before. Sometimes that gets a little confusing... like this;

sharon says:Hi Steve,
Just about to go to bed - just checking you are okay?mum x
Steve Root says:i'm ok
Steve Root says:busy busy week
sharon says:thats good. lots of orders? or just work
Steve Root says:KBB in birmingham yesterday, kinetico tomorrow
Steve Root says:just busy with work, though dave did some orders yesterday
sharon says:sounds good
Steve Root says:i've had one survey this morning, one new measure this afternoon, margaret is jus tfinalising a bedroom for survey next week
sharon says:was kbb worth going to?
Steve Root says:may have found a good custom size door supplier, but I need to do more on bedrooms first
sharon says:any sliding wardrobes?
Steve Root says:long way to go though
Steve Root says:not worth having, current sliding doors are better
sharon says:where
Steve Root says:where what?
sharon says:you said a long way to go though
sharon says:so i said where
Steve Root says:Birmingham is a long way
sharon says:oh
sharon says:i thought you meant the supplier