Charlie's War (David Fiddimore)

Posted on Thu 13 September 2007 in Rooties Recent Reading

One of the books I've read that I thoroughly enjoyed was called "Tuesday's War" by David Fiddimore. In my little write up for the blog, I said I'd like to call David a bastard because (for me at least) the story was so perfect I didn't want it to end, I didn't want the ending to be so unfinished and yet i loved the way it didn't finish as I could live in hope it would continue.

I'm sure he never reads here (does anyone) but fortunately for me he wrote a follow up! Charlie's War continues the story with our narrator and central character Charlie being sent across Europe to find our heroine Grace.

The detail is this story is just a good as the first (quite an achievement in my opinion) and Charlie makes new friends very different from his bomber crew comrades. He just about catches up with Grace, but this sure could do with a third novel so I can find out what happens. I don't want to tell you any more about the story for fear of spoiling it. Little things like the people he meets and the things they say that made me stay up to "wee small hours" and beyond just to find out what happened next.

How would I rate it? A close rootie rating of 5 out of 5. The first book was almost perfect, this book can simply be called Great!