Good Sailing opportunity!

Posted on Wed 11 May 2011 in zzz - None of the Above

i-bc3c592c39309c57bdcbc791f0b48c7b-morningstar-sailingship.jpgI haven't posted here for a long time as I've been busy on other projects, but this is a quick sharing of a very good sailing opportunity (which I'd take up myself if I wasn't working). Too many words to include on facebook and twitter!

Morning Star Trust (Sail training …

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Happy new year!

Posted on Sat 02 January 2010 in zzz - None of the Above

Happy new year everyone!

It may be apparent I've not been typing a lot lately. Well, I have, just not in the blog. Having caught up with work and other real life fun things I'm hoping to post several entries that are overdue. Before I do that, some suitable geek …

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Laughing Horse? It's a comedy club a friend was performing at...

Posted on Thu 04 December 2008 in zzz - None of the Above

How do you spell "hungry horse" in 4 letters?


Now you know why I'm not a comedian, but when my Nan told me that joke I thought it was very funny. Well, actually, she had to explain that another name for horse was gee-gee which is …

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Pure highway in car DAB radio - time to play with my prize!

Posted on Tue 21 October 2008 in zzz - None of the Above

What better thing to be done on a day off than play with the Pure Highway DAB radio that I won. So on a sunny afternoon I took the box into the car and unpacked it like a 6 year old unpacking toys on Christmas day.

[![157-IMAG0499-thumb-250x187.jpg](https://www …

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Red Mushroom, White Spots, found on my walk through the woods

Posted on Mon 06 October 2008 in zzz - None of the Above

[caption id="" align="alignleft" width="250"]Photo of a red mushroom with white spots Red Mushroom with white spots[/caption]

I love mushrooms. As an alternative to cheese (one of my other loved foods), I love mushroom sandwiches too. Bread is of course my other loved food. Yes, I'm a cheese sandwhich junkie first, mushroom sandwich junkie second …

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