Birthday Calculator - in case you don't want to wait a whole year to celebrate being alive

Posted on Thu 08 January 2015 in WebDev & Code

We have a tradition where I live. We celebrate being alive with a party and that party generally coincides with being alive for another 31,557,600 seconds.  31,557,600 seconds happens to be just about equal to a solar year, which is a happy co-incidence as it's not …

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Virtual PDF Printer for our small office network - a step by step how to

Posted on Sat 22 November 2014 in WebDev & Code

Alternative title: How I got multiple cups-pdf printers on the same server. (I didn't, but postprocessing let me work around the problem).


I have a small business. For years we've been creating PDFs from any computer on our network through a "virtual appliance' called YAFPC ("Yet Another Free PDF …

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sunspot solr slow in production (fixed by using IP address instead of domain name)

Posted on Thu 02 October 2014 in WebDev & Code

Short version:

In my sunspot.yml I used a FQDN ( ). Solr was slow
When I used the server IP ( Solr was fast.

Setting the scene (you can skip this bit):

I've been slowing working on some improvements to our business system at …

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BT Wifi hotspots intercept and redirect google SSL searches

Posted on Mon 05 May 2014 in WebDev & Code

BT WiFI intercept and redirect SSL I wouldn't have noticed them doing this except google told me. That does beg the question, if I was buying something on a website and didn't notice the redirect from HTTPS to HTTP, could other people on the hot spot be snooping my transactions?

I guess BT have a good …

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How to change a folder icon to a picture in Mac OS X

Posted on Tue 22 April 2014 in WebDev & Code

In an earlier post I showed how I set my screenshots to save in a custom folder rather than onto my desktop (I seem to take a lot of screenshots). I also shared a little camera icon that I made for it. One of the comments asked how I changed …

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