Eurocon - Extended Play

Posted on Mon 19 May 2008 in Warbirds

Firstly, I should point out once again that the Eurocon is held in the Netherlands so local time while we were there (I'm home now) was 1 hour ahead of UK time. My server is set to publish times based on the UK so while that last comment said it …

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Eurocon - they tell me to shut my computer down

Posted on Sun 18 May 2008 in Warbirds

Eurocon - They tell me to shut my computer down.

Until tomorrow friends!



Eurocon - The Duel Championship

Posted on Sat 17 May 2008 in Warbirds • Tagged with Eurocon


The Dual is an event everyone took part in. 2 pilots working together against another 2 pilots. A warbirds fight to the death using the same aircraft, same level, same fuel. My partner, Dhyran.

The rules (as they started): Same Plane, Same Altitude, Same Fuel: No firing until after …

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Eurocon - yesterday, or today, or i forget already

Posted on Sat 17 May 2008 in Warbirds


Let's start with lastnight. I gave out a few presents to my fellow parrots. Also Unguis (seen here in the photo) and Lapwin, who both helped lots with the EMC (unguis still …

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Eurocon - great times with more to come

Posted on Fri 16 May 2008 in Warbirds

The end of my first 24 hours here approaches. It's been great (even the FPO was nice, more on that later) and I just checked tomorrows programme:

Saturday 17 May
08:15 - till 09:30: Breakfast. (If there are any survivors left from Friday) Tongue
09.30 - Depart to the …

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