Amazing Stories of Polio - in a shop window

Posted on Sat 11 September 2010 in Rotary

317-polio1-thumb-300x390-316.jpgOne reason I've posted less and less to my blog this year is because I've joined a Rotary club. Rotary has been a tremendous amount of fun and given me a real big buzz of feel good factor seeing the difference my effort, combined with others, can make as we …

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Are you in Medway on Friday?

Posted on Mon 13 July 2009 in Rotary • Tagged with Rotary polio

If you're in Medway on Friday evening, 17th July, please consider going to to this event organised by some friends of mine.
Thanks everyone!

[Concert programme first proof .pdf](

Dear Steve,

Only a week to go until …

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Rotary International Convention 2009 - Volunteering

Posted on Sun 21 June 2009 in Rotary • Tagged with Rotary Convention


The afternoon of the first day was my turn to volunteer. There was no pressure to volunteer but no good reason no to. There were two perks of volunteering, the first was an orange cap with the …

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Rotary Internation Convention 2009 - First timer notes

Posted on Sat 20 June 2009 in Rotary • Tagged with Rotary Convention

Here I am, hooray! blogging from the NEC for free, at a net cafe at the Rotary Interational Convention in Birmingham.

In another 15 minutes I'll be off to be a "HOC Ambassador", HOC means "Host Organising Committee", and ambassador means I volunteered to help. In my case, I'm told …

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Rotary - Club Visit 9 to Lige Rive-Droite

Posted on Thu 16 April 2009 in Rotary • Tagged with Rotary


On the way to Eurocon I decided it would be good to visit a foreign Rotary Club. One of the objects of Rotary deals specifically with encouraging international friendship so Rotarians all over the world are welcome at clubs wherever they …

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