blogging without using a keyboard (using windows built in speech recognition)

Posted on Sat 20 March 2010 in Root

307-speechrecognitionmicrophone.pngI've been looking at buying dragon naturally speaking from an IT supplier for typing on to the computer. It is software I heard of many years ago that converts speech into type as you speak. I had an mail offering it for only 30.00 which is less than I …

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Root Nicknames

Posted on Mon 20 October 2008 in Root

We all have nicknames. Some we know of, some we don't. Some we find fun, some we don't.

A friend just emailed me on a Rotary topic using "Rootlebaumeisterstuck". I have no idea how that came to be made up! Within the club I'm often named Rooty simply because there …

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A very lucky week for Steve!

Posted on Fri 03 October 2008 in Root

Do you remember the saying that things always come in threes? Well, I really should buy a lottery ticket. Instead the numbers I would have picked had I bought a ticket for Saturday will be 7,11,32, 40,48,49.

Why do I tell you this? Well I believe …

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Steve the podcast star?

Posted on Fri 29 February 2008 in Root

Does podcast start with a capital P? It's not something I've though of before, the whole podcast thing passing by me until today - when I stared in one!*

Podcast's are like radio shows that you listen to offline. If you have the right software, the show will download when you …

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Mr Roots and his lovely old boots (or 14 years of heaven courtesy of Mr Brasher)

Posted on Sat 02 February 2008 in Root


I love my boots. I know, they're not a lot to look at but they are the most comfortable boots I've ever owned. I almost fear the day I need …

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