Eurocon 2009 - More than just simulation

Posted on Fri 17 April 2009 in Internet

You might imagine that the Eurocon is a group of 40 grown ups playing computer games and drinking beer. Well, that's only part of what's going on. This morning 4 of us went to the local indoor snow ski slope. At about 500m long and kept at a steady minus …

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Learn french in 10 days.... assuming you don't need sleep?

Posted on Wed 14 January 2009 in Internet

My French prof runs an email list of... well, a mixture of humour, observations and such, the sort that many people forward to your email. The good thing for me is that a lot of it is in French and try as I might, I often have to really work …

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Choosing a web browser - why can't I just put up with the default

Posted on Mon 20 October 2008 in Internet

My first web browser was Netscape 1.1

I remember sitting in the training rooms of GEC Marconi Avionics sometime in the late 90's, going through the self study 'How to use the internet' course. They were good courses, I spent many evenings learning better driving skills (spotting the hazards …

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GPS Logging from my PDA...needs a little work I think

Posted on Thu 02 October 2008 in Internet • Tagged with GPS Walking


I spent the afternoon of my day off going for a walk. From my house in Faversham I walked to canterbury via some woodland, old villages and the North Downs way. As …

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Sunday European Campaign - on target so far...

Posted on Sun 28 September 2008 in Internet


Two weeks in, the "Sunday European Campaign" is going well. The SEC, as it's been shortened to, is an event within the game of Aces High 2 where players from all over the world virtually fly world war 2 aircarft and …

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