Peer to Peer downloading (Torrents) and network problems

Posted on Thu 26 July 2012 in Internet

Recently my parents had some friends visit. They had a laptop with them and asked to use the internet. We've not problem with that so let them connect.... except when they connected they were running a peer-to-peer file sharing program.

If you're here, you probably know what that is. A …

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Bad Bot go away!

Posted on Tue 06 April 2010 in Internet

Sigh. Here I am at work on Tuesday morning. List of jobs to do being interrupted by our web server triggering over load alarms. Actually, it's been doing it for quite a while, but I've never sat down to analyse the logs to find what's happening to trigger the alarm …

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Gmail default contact for a friend with more than one email address

Posted on Thu 10 September 2009 in Internet

This is so I don't forget, it took me a while to not find the answer via google, guess the solution successfully, and then read the solution by chance while looking at something else.

I use googlemail (actually, google apps but let's not get pedantic).
I have a friend with …

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Googlemail down :(

Posted on Tue 01 September 2009 in Internet

277-googlemail-down-thumb-300x142-276.jpg Googlemail is down :( Looks like they think they'll be an hour. At times like this I think 'if only there wasn't so much spam I'd still have my email on my own server, that's working fine". Then I remember, I'm pretty sure the googlemail server uptime is higher than my …

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Moving to a new web server

Posted on Fri 15 May 2009 in Internet • Tagged with Gandi

For many, many years (well, since 2004 which is a long time for internet things) my web server has been at Rackspace. Well, I say 'my' web server but in reality it's their web server, dedicated to just my use and fully managed by them.

They've been great. Small amounts …

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