What happens when you break down in France (10 things I learnt)

Posted on Tue 18 September 2012 in Family

364-2012-08-16 16.13.08-thumb-300x251-363.jpgWhen you go on a family holiday and your car gets a longer holiday than you do, you just know something didn't go to plan.

This year our camping trip to france had a little 'incident' that left me pushing my French skills to the limit, learning new words concerning …

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Memories of Nan Root

Posted on Wed 24 February 2010 in Family

Taking Nicola to swimming club tonight we were talking about memories of her Nan and that reminded me of my Nan. Two things immediately sprung to mind, the first was going to Nan's for lunch.

She'd always lay on a huge spread of food, filling a table that to a …

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Our Sydney holiday photo (after a little CGI...)

Posted on Sat 09 January 2010 in Family

In June 2004 we went on holiday to Australia. The photos were shared on my web site, crafted hand coded pages in the days before I used movable-type to blog. One day, I may move them into the main blog but for now they still live in their own little …

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Goodbye Alicia

Posted on Wed 27 May 2009 in Family

Sad news.

My mother in law, Alicia, died on Tuesday morning at 4am from Cancer. She was 53.

The whole family were with her, we'd all travelled to the hospital in London to be there.

Robert Robertson, talented young singer

Posted on Sat 06 September 2008 in Family

Continuing from previous writings, I went to the Alexandra Hotel bar in the evening to use their free wi-fi to catch up on things using my laptop. The only downside of the arrangement was having to drive there from the camp site - diet coke only for me!

When I got …

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