Useful Mac Shortcut Key (show desktop)

Posted on Tue 18 October 2011 in Business

Part two of my notes of moving from Windows to Mac - read part 1 here

One of the most popular posts in the blog is the shortcut key in windows to 'show desktop'. I love shortcut keys, but they're all different on the Mac so I'm having to learn them …

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Notes from moving from Windows to Mac

Posted on Mon 17 October 2011 in Business • Tagged with Mac

318-macbook_pro_13inch.pngMy trusty HP laptop (nx6325 circa 2006) has finally reached retirement.

Actually, as a PC it was running fine. It's processor was expensive for it's time (a 64bit dual core AMD) and routine improvements (memory to 1.5GB, hard disk to 256Gb, 2 replacement batteries) had extended it's life nicely …

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Backups for Google Calendar - a ruby application

Posted on Sun 29 August 2010 in Business

I admit I've not been so busy posting the to blog this year. One thing that's kept me busy has been learning Ruby on Rails making my first opensource application.

I'm a hobby programmer, so the idea of sharing my code is worrying. I'm sure there are lots of errors …

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View a Multi page tiff file in windows

Posted on Thu 28 January 2010 in Business

I've been meaning to write about this for a while. Many people we send images files to don't know how to view beyond the first page of a multi page tiff file in Windows XP (probably Vista, I haven't tried).


If you open a multi page tif using 'Windows Picture …

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15% VAT - How to work it out from 17.5% inc prices

Posted on Tue 16 December 2008 in Business

It appears a lot of people have been looking at my waffle on "Markup and Margins" page in order to convert prices from "inclusive of 17.5% VAT" to "inclusive of 15% VAT". By the way, if you're not in the UK, VAT = Value Added Tax and after many many …

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