Gandi said thanks :-)

Posted on Thu 23 May 2013 in Business, WebDev & Code

gandi_tshirtWhat a lovely surprise! A T-shirt arrived in the post from the folks at

Gandi are the company that provide all my domain names and server hosting for work and play, including the hardware behind this blog.  I've been using them since 2009 and they've always super.  If …

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Calc (Openoffice / Libreoffice) If statements using 'between' or 'and'

Posted on Sat 15 December 2012 in Business, WebDev & Code

It's always annoyed me when I want to write an if statement where true is based upon more than one fact and I have to nest if statements. Today I looked at lots of other forumulas and found one that let me create an if_between effect. Like "IF a number …

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