How many 1st class stamps to use on heavy letters?

Posted on Fri 20 October 2017 in Business, WebDev & Code

In our office, we buy Royal Mail stamps in ready to use denominations of "1st Class", "2nd Class", "Large 1st Class" and "Large 2nd Class". However, these are only useful for 100g weight letters.

Screenshot of stamp pricing table

For heavy letters, we can use multiples of these stamps. I noticed I was routinely having …

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Hot topic - our backup server (overheating!)

Posted on Fri 24 June 2016 in Business, WebDev & Code

Ahh, computer backups. I've said before and learn't first hand how important they are over the years.

My business backup routine is to copy the files from the server in another building. I used to have a ReadyNAS NV+ (image on wikipedia) and for many years it served us well …

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Royalty free music and a time lapse video for work

Posted on Tue 05 January 2016 in Business, WebDev & Code

Here's a great way to start 2016, Win an award for "Best Domestic Bathroom Installer 2015".
My brother David entered the Geberit Awards, Geberit being a large multinational manufacturer of bathroom products and out of all the entries from all of the UK, he won. We're very proud :-)

That prompted …

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BitDefender v Nod32

Posted on Mon 18 November 2013 in Business, WebDev & Code

It's anti virus renewal time! Not the most exciting job of the year, which is why I've been renewing for at least 2 years at a time.

Bottom line: So, after all my research, reading and testing, we're sticking with Nod32 for another 2 years.

We've been Eset Nod32 customers …

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Network PDF printing from Windows 8

Posted on Thu 24 October 2013 in Business, WebDev & Code

Update:  I wrote a step by step guide on creating a virtual PDF printer as a new virtual machine. This has been more reliable and has replaced the work around I used below

Our small business is beginning the move from Windows XP to Windows 8. Moving to a new …

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