3 Years of blogging

Posted on Fri 07 December 2007 in About the site

Wow! That went quick. It was just over 3 years ago I installed some blog software called "Movabletype" onto my web server to run my personal playspace. I guess blogging is a phase of life that's still in me, though several things have been and gone. My running phase never …

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Almost two years! - Say hello everyone

Posted on Thu 05 October 2006 in About the site

Did you know it's been almost two years since I created this site? Well, it has. About a year ago I revealed some of my top secret* page view statistics. Then the monthly page view totals looked like this:

Month: Pages Viewed
Nov 2005: 1599
Oct 2005: 1180
Sep 2005 …

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New experiment - googleads now on the site

Posted on Wed 25 January 2006 in About the site

Well, traffic levels here are increasing regularly. Guess either a) I have a lot of friends b) Theres actually some content here people want to read c) Lots of people are getting lost and ending up here.

I've decided to try hosting some googleads here. The theory is if you …

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One whole year!

Posted on Sat 26 November 2005 in About the site

It's been a whole year since I started this blog. I've managed to write at least one post each month, although somtimes the gaps between entries have been quite large.

Visitor numbers have been quite impressive - more interested than I would have guessed:
Month: Pages Viewed
Nov 2005: 1599
Oct …

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Changes to the Site Stylesheet

Posted on Thu 27 October 2005 in About the site

Made a few changes to the site stylesheet, made a screenshot of before and after too (I normally forget).

Changes were:
-Added back the rotating banner (random rootie pic appears at the top of the page)
-Played with the colours, moved some of the standard text around (no longer have …

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