Brother Dave goes on a cycling holiday, we track his position live by GPS

Posted on Tue 15 September 2009 in Uncategorized

280-live-gps-track-via-internet-thumb-300x185-279.jpg Brother Dave decided to go on a cycling holiday, from Oslo in Norway to Copenhagen in Sweden. His Nokia phone has built in GPS and with a little software from and a not inexpensive data contract with O2 (mostly needed so we can pester him with work email while he travels) we're able to watch where he cycles in real time. You too can see him cycle slowly up hills on a scrolling map the wizz down the other side.

To find out where he is now, or where his last section finished, follow this link: , or visit his blog for anything else he uploads (he's going to try and geotag his photos.....).

Special thanks to the developers of, it wasn't possible to link directly to the latest route yesterday so I sent an email asking for it to be added to the wish list. Less than 12 hours later and they've added it already!