Batteries will *require* recycling - so what happens to ipods?

Posted on Thu 18 May 2006 in Business

I recieved the following in a news summary from my local chamber of commerce,

Battery recycling mandatory in two years - Battery recycling schemes for businesses and consumers must be implemented across Europe by 2008, the European Union (EU) has ruled. Public collection points where local residents and firms can deposit used batteries will be established as part of EU efforts to recycle 25% of all batteries within four years of the scheme being set up. Firms manufacturing devices that run on batteries will have to make their products in such a way that users can easily remove used batteries - at their own cost.

So, what's going to happen to my new Ipod Shuffle? The battery is not removable and although rechargeable once it dies it cannot be replaced. I guess Apple will need to have it redesigned...