And so it begins...

Posted on Sun 21 November 2004 in zzz - None of the Above

After a long time of thinking about doing it, I've finally done it. This is my blog, this is the first entry, and you should never follow a comma with the word and. It also looks strange to finish a sentence with the word and too.

If you're reading this, do drop me an email and tell me why. Hopfully the email address is fairly obvious on the page you're looking at, at the time of writing I haven't decided what to do with the layout. I haven't even decided everything that I'm going to write about here either. I hope the future paragraphs make more sence than the first one (it all started well, then slowly fell apart as my English grammar lessons came back to haunt me).

Anyway, time to go play with how the site looks for a while, then maybe add some photos.