Almost two years! - Say hello everyone

Posted on Thu 05 October 2006 in About the site

Did you know it's been almost two years since I created this site? Well, it has. About a year ago I revealed some of my top secret* page view statistics. Then the monthly page view totals looked like this:

Month: Pages Viewed
Nov 2005: 1599
Oct 2005: 1180
Sep 2005: 676

Compare and contrast the following then:

Week: Pages Viewed
17/Sep/06 1989
10/Sep/06 2053
3/Sep/06 1929

Yes, you read it correctly. There are now more visitors each week than in a whole month from last year. Another example from the logs is that 821 "Distinct Hosts Served" during the last week - say hello in the comments everyone! (see this entry for more detail about what web site stats mean).

What are you all coming here for? Well, according to the search logs - most of you are still looking for this entry although flavour of the month is Steve Irwin - he got a mention in our holiday photos. For those who don't know, Steve Irwin became famous from his TV programmes on wildlife (he became known as "The Crocodile Hunter"). He had a Zoo near Brisbane but was killed recently by a Sting Ray while filming a new series.

The question you're probably all desperate to hear the answer too is "How much have you earn't from the Google Ads?" (written about here). Well, it's safe to say that I haven't even reached two significant figures. That's another way of saying less than US\$10.

*OK, they're not that secret it's just I don't process the log file often.