ruby on rails sql_type - A reminder for me

Posted on Thu 04 February 2010 in WebDev & Code

I treated myself to a rails training course last weekend (with Well House Consultants, rather good, I'll write about it if I get around to it). Immediately I start to create my first ruby app and I forget all the sqltypes I can use in my Model and where to look them up. As I think I'll be looking them up quite a lot, I've put them here on my blog for my later reference


Options that I can use in my migration
I must remember to specify the decimal precision I need!
:precision [1..63], :scale [0..30]. Otherwise Mysql Default is (10,0).

* :limit - Requests a maximum column length. This is number of characters for :string and :text columns and number of bytes for :binary and :integer columns.
* :default - The column's default value. Use nil for NULL.
* :null - Allows or disallows NULL values in the column. This option could have been named :null_allowed.
* :precision - Specifies the precision for a :decimal column.
* :scale - Specifies the scale for a :decimal column.

These came from: