A Dawn Like Thunder (Douglas Reeman)

Posted on Sun 23 April 2006 in Rooties Recent Reading

I saw this in the second hand bookshop and it brought back memories of when I was growing up. Douglas Reeman has writen a lot of fiction about the Navy in World War 2 and I remember reading abridged versions of them in Readers Digests compendiums (the consolidated 4 books in to one slightly larger volume).

I actually found this one quite hard to read. Perhaps it was because I've got two books on the go at the moment but I often lost track of which character was which. The story line was good and I found myself picturing with ease the circumstances and surroundings the characters were living through. I don't think this is a book that will leave you feeling happy at the end, but then I don't think any book with a wartime theme will - in war, heros and villains die alike.