4 Years of blogging

Posted on Thu 04 December 2008 in About the site

Wow. 4 Years. Amazing. Amazing I can still type so much waffle. Amazing to me anyway.

Last year's comments are still valid. Statistic wise, page views grew to over 26,000 this November (10,208 Nov 2007, 6,024 Nov 2006)

My backlog of unposted things is growing longer by the week but I don't mind, it's because I'm busy with other things. Eventually I'll tell you about the Australia Photo used in a CGI competition and the reply I wrote to a trade magazine that became a full page article in it's own right. Some things though will never see the electrons of publication, despite my lack of writing ability, waffle seems somewhat thereputic.

Most popular pages are:
Useful Windows Shortcut key to show Desktop - This was written for XP but I'm told works in Vista too.
BBC iPlayer and it's built in Kontiki software
My Best PDA Phone Ever (which I still rely on every day by the way)
Margins and Markups - more relevant than ever as the whole country get's used to the new VAT rate.