2001 A Space Odyssey (Arthur C Clarke)

Posted on Thu 20 November 2008 in Rooties Recent Reading

Strangly, I haven't seen the film. Or at least, I haven't seen the film all the way through. Part of me has always felt that having seen the film the book is not worth reading. Part of me has always felt that having read the book the film is not worth seeing. I know, that's wrong, and I'm so glad I picked up this story.

It's unusual in that it's made of many short chapters, 47 in all. We follow the story from the discovery on the mood of a 'monolith' and the journey to reach a small moon around Jupiter.. or was it Saturn, I've always mixed those two planets up. Anyway the journey has some eventful things happen which many of you will already know. The computer, known as HAL behaves in a way that was not predicted by the programmers but quite logical in hindsight.

This book was a very easy read, not difficult to follow. Having read 3001 first didn't reduce the enjoyment of this book one iota.

Rootie Rating 4 out of 5 - enjoyable epic